4 Old Harry’s Game: A look at the Radio 4 sitcom
7 Vampyres: Our new comic strip
8 The Pipkin Files: The first part of a Slayer Casefile
12 Hell: Concepts of hell in different cultures
15 Teenage Kicks so hard to beat: A tribute to John Peel
16 No Rest for the Wicked: What happens to the excommunicated
20 Seven years of Nightmare Abbey: A report on the Peterborough Gothic Website
22 From the Shadow of Dracula: A review of the latest biography of Bram Stoker
26 Beyond Hell: The latest LVG party celebrates the damned and the sinful...
28 The LVG Annual Picnic: Goths vs crows, but black wins out
29 Not a Good Place to Hide: Exclusive artwork by Jo Orlebar
30 Deamon: Artwork by Tomasz Rataj, modelled by Mithre
32 Transylvania 2004: A full and in depth report on exactly what the LVG and friends get up to abroad 42 Club Reviews
44 On Screen News: The latest news and gossip on upcoming vampire film and TV appearances
50 DVD Reviews
53 Reviews: Books, comics, music and films dissected
57 Letters: A chance for you to have your say

Contributors (in no particular order): Madame Archel, Edward St. Boniface, T, Mulligan, D. Gedrych, Lawrence Brightman,
Mick Smith, Rupert Pipkin, Scott Wood, Rutland Dedlock, Jo Orlebar, Mithre, Tomasz Rataj, S.G. Fish, J and Sue Barrow,
Rakie Keig, Tara Daynes, Stephen Jones, Ken Naylor, Marty Dodge, Marysia, Sandi, Lisa, Duncan.
Editor: Becky Probert
Printers: Catford Print Centre
Front Cover; pages 25 and 58 Modelled by Madame Archel, photography by Jessica Woody, Demon Dolls Photography.
Picture Credits: Beyond Hell Review photographs by Mick Smith. No Rest for the Wicked photographs by Becky
All other pictures not directly credited are supplied by the individual authors or taken from the Internet.

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